Plans and Pricing

Rate for 1 on 1 coaching is $105 per month.
  • This includes your training plan established a week in advance, on a weekly basis.
  • Daily communication with no limits.  Text, phone, email, Facebook, etc.
  • Collaboration on schedule changes and adjustments to training.
  • Form review.
  • Any and all advice on racing, gear, nutrition, etc.
I also write up one-time plans for a goal race geared to each athlete specifically.  Have running issues?  Want to up your biking game?  Need swim specifics or just a new approach?  Drop me a line and I can get you a plan.  Ranges from $50 to $150 depending on amount of races and length of plan.
All plans for sale in Training Peaks is located HERE.  If you are a current athlete, OR want a discount by paying directly, please contact me.

BEFORE PAYING FOR A PLAN through PayPal below, you must be connected to me as a coach so I can apply the plan, otherwise you will need to buy the plan through the Training Peaks link above.

  ** CONNECT TO ME AS A COACH in Training Peaks **